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Target groups

Whether you are a policy maker, a researcher, a CSO or business representative, getting involved in RESPONER will help expand your existing networks and achieve greater public visibility while dealing with two of the most important issues in sustainable development policies which are also at the heart of the Europe 2020 Strategy: sustainable consumption and economic growth.

Policy makers will benefit by

  • experiencing innovative forms of knowledge brokerage;
  • getting easy access to cutting-edge research findings in sustainable consumption and economic growth; and
  • networking with policy makers, an internationally rewarded research group and topscholars all over Europe.

Researchers will benefit by:

  • better understanding the rationality of decision makers;
  • gaining insights into policy makers’ daily life challenges;
  • improving the mutual understanding across different paradigms; and
  • elaborating a joint research agenda.

Civil society and the business sector will benefit by:

  • having a proven methodology for knowledge brokerage at their disposal;
  • participating in the first steps towards establishing a community of experts in knowledge brokerage; and
  • an increased policy coherence in general.

RESPONDER will therefore gain a unique position towards existing initiatives, develop innovative and demand-oriented tools for knowledge brokerage and apply them in a two-years' process of online and face-to-face interactions. This experience will have significant impacts on policy makers who are continuously involved and indirect impacts on policy makers who participate sporadically.

These impacts will be achieved on the one hand by the innovative approach of RESPONDER to knowledge brokerage (progress beyond the state of the art) and by the implementation of the tools and methods (including a built in evaluation and an assessment of transferability).

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The RESPONDER project is funded by FP7 under
the Environment (including Climate Change) theme.